Front-end Developer NYC

My name is Nick and I am self taught web developer and student working on a computer science degree in New York City. I am also working on FreeCodeCamp's web development certificates. My interests include the MERN stack, web design, machine learning, and New York Rangers hockey. Below are some of the recent projects I have been working on.

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Recent Projects

  • A classic Simon Says game built with Jquery and SCSS.

  • This project is a clone of this image of a portfolio. The project uses progressbar.js and waypoint.js for the animations. The site is fully responsive.

  • A D3 chart that illustrates U.S. GDP from 1946 to 2015. The data is pulled from a JSON file. This is my first project using D3.

  • A website for a relative's landscaping company. Built with Bootstrap on the front-end, and PHP/Jquery used for the contact form.

  • A pomodoro clock or "tomato timer" built for FreeCodeCamp's front-end program. The clock is built using JQuery and SCSS. The functionality of the clock is built using the setInterval function.

  • A calculator built for FreeCodeCamp's front-end program using Javascript. The functionality of the calculator is made using Javascript's eval() function. This is also my first project using the Sass preprocessor.

  • A classic Tic-Tac-Toe game built with JQuery.

  • A simple weather app made with the OpenWeatherMap API that displays the user's current location, the current forecast, today's high/low temperature, a weather icon for the forecast, and both Fahrenheight and Celsius. Made for FreeCodeCamp's front-end program.

  • An app using the JSON API to display a list of current Twitch streamers and whether or not their channel is currently online. I used JQuery to make the API call and display the name of the channel, basic information about what the channel is airing, the number of viewers and followers the channel has, and the channel's logo.

  • This project uses the Wikipedia API to allow the user to search a term on Wikipedia and display the results on the current page.